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The bite was quieter on Linden Bank yesterday with only a few fish recorded. Kekoa made the move slightly north, thankfully a nice down sea troll for us, and found the fish off of St. Crispins. We released a 250lb-er for Paul shortly followed by a very similar fish for Andrew, which the guys now fondly refer to as their warm up fish. As we were joined mid afternoon by Reel Chase who had a few bites and spotted quite a number of tailers on the waves, we hooked up on a nice 700lb-er for Paul to put his warm up to good use. After quite a few spectacular jumps at the back of the boat, she was released too. Despite having another nice fish following the baits for quite a while she headed away, just not hungry. Our three for the day left us in good spirits despite the weather which continues to blow with gusts to 30 knots.

Sir Reel and Diamond Girl both caught one each for the day.

Deano on the Castille spent the last few days in Port Douglas…. playing golf. Speaking to him a few moments ago, he’s just about to tee off again this morning. Nice for some :-)

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