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Weather never ends


With even the weather behind the reef being rough and rocky, instead of an overnight raft-up, we opted to visit with the team on Reel Chase for an hour or two in the morning. Was nice to have a chat with the guys and to ogle some photos.

Commitments back in Cooktown meant Kekoa soon headed north again, bait fishing our way up to Escape Reef netting a few Spanish Mackeral and tuna for our efforts. When we could put it off no longer, we headed out from behind the reef to the wind, rain and waves, seeing nothing until we approached Number 4 Ribbon and better water again. As we got closer we heard about some action on Number 5 where we will be fishing today – Viking II released 4 from 9 bites finishing off with an 850lb-er.

Back on Linden Bank, Sir Reel caught two small fish with Capt. Laurie surprised to find himself fishing all alone on the bank on November 19. Reel Chase fished Opal Ridge where they had bites the day before without luck.

I’ve added quite a number of bruises to my collection in this weather and will be glad for a break when we head into Cooktown tonight. See photo for an effort to show you just how rough it’s been. I will put up yesterday’s tag photos when we are back in town.

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