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Alex’s Record


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The Reel Chase team started their last trip out of Cairns for the season fishing at Linden Bank from after lunch but didn’t see a marlin. Our group of contractors from the Sunshine coast did however catch enough dolphin fish and wahoo to keep them busy. The only marlin Capt. Jim heard of to report was a 700lb-er on Kanahoee for Townsville’s Greg Gilbert. At least half the fleet are in town now and the rest at Opal Ridge/Linden Bank however Reel Chase may move South to Jenny Louise shoal if the fishing stays slow this morning.Thanks to everyone who sent me clippings of Alex’s fish . We do get the Cairns paper at my office (though not until the following day) and so I was able to catch up on the reading myself. He’s certainly a fantastic angler – this was his 97th Marlin – and I look forward to seeing what he gets up to next. Actually, I’m just waiting for the segment about his catch to come on Sunrise on TV just now. Congrats Alex!Another photo of Reel Chase backing in at sunset.

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