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Heading Out / In


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Kekoa headed out yesterday on a mammoth trek to the ‘middle of the ocean’ (or to Flinders Reef anyways). With seasoned Angler Gerry from Fort Lauderdale, FL on board, they are looking forward to catching a big variety of game fish, and maybe a marlin or two. Joining Gerry on the trip is Angler Harry who had success yesterday landing a 40lb Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) which will be a feature on the dinner table later in the week.This morning Capt. Luke and the team left early to continue their trek out to the wide blue yonder, and after emptying Capt. Jim’s no longer needed bait stocks on board Reel Chase, are on their way to the Sea Mount to join Ultimate Lady who headed that way in the last few days. Should be reaching destination Flinders sometime tomorrow. Phone service is very lacking out there but we’ll endeavor to keep you all on the Gerry and Harry team reading in Florida updated.Reel Chase will head in this morning after a few quiet days on the marlin fishing side. The only report I have is of a fish on Sea Baby with many of the boats finished fishing now for the season. After dropping passengers off for their flights in Cairns and saying farewell to Deckie Brad who is off on a whirlwind trip home to Newcastle before heading to the states for Xmas, Capt. Jim, Deckie Wade and Wonder Girl Kirsty will be heading down here to Townsville before continuing down the coast next week.

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