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Flinders Bound


The team on Kekoa scored fish yesterday on their way to Flinders Reef getting as far as Flora overnight. They released 3 from 4 marlin the biggest at 600lbs and also boated an 80lb yellow fin tuna for Anglers Gerry and Harry.

Also, a big thank you to Bill who sent this photo of his estimated 1200lb-er released on Moana. Bill also took the time to say hello to Capt. Jim at the Marlin Marina on his recent visit. Well done Bill and Capt. Dan on another great fish!

Also out in the wide blue yonder are the teams Wild Turkey, Pirate and Don’t Ask Me who are in the midst of a 20-day trip out Willis Island way fly fishing. While (because of remote communication problems) I believe reports from the team have been few and far between, Wild Turkey reports that one of the anglers has caught a potential new World Record on Fly for a 77kg Dog Tooth Tuna on 15kg. Congrats team!

Look forward to new reports.

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