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Day 1 – Riviera Light Tackle Masters


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After a big night celebrating the start of the comp there were a few sore heads running out for the 7am start fishing. The Gold Coast turned on the weather though after a rainy start the skies cleared and it was magic on the water. And after a slow start in the AM, the fishing turned on as the day progressed as well. On Kekoa, I fought a estimated 30kg Black Marlin for about 15 minutes before the fish came unhooked just out of tagging range. Team-mate Tagpole made up for it soon after releasing a 20kg Black on the pitch bait to put us on the board. In all, there were more than 50 fish tagged or captured (other game fish) on the second sked of the day and I am counting about 20 billfish tag flags here at the Marina. However, Tournament Base is remaining very tight lipped on the current exact standings so I will have to endeavor to find out more tomorrow instead. More Satellite Tagging News: Capt. Laurie on Sir Reel tagged a Bull Shark off Number 10 Ribbon Reef in early October that released its tag in a creek in Upstart Bay (just south of Townsville) at the end of November. That’s a pretty good distance for the shark to cover – and to go from the pristine waters on the Ribbons to muddy mangrove creek! Must have been keen for a feed of mud crabs ;-)

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