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Great Weather – Tough Fishing


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Although we managed 3 tagged Striped Marlins for the day, it was tough fishing with some 50-odd trailer boats plus the usual club boat all congesting on the new bait grounds just North at 32 degrees, 52 minutes S.Despite a number of boats returning to the Carpark at 33 degrees, .03 minutes S, they all ended up joining the fleet on the northern grounds due to a lack of fish down there. Trailer boat Sam appeared to be top dog for the day with 4 tags while Diversion managed 2. Chris and his spectacular big Betram Absolute managed three and Viking II managed 2 as well. Murrifin also managed one early. Murrifin with fish at back of the boat, Viking II fighting showing some congestion and untangling a Spangled Line Tangler at the side of Reel Chase

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