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Rainy Day, Cold Water


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Sunday dawned another beautiful day until we hit the Port Stephens Shelf when the rain started and then basically did not stop for the rest of the day (all the while the sky over land remained a clear blue.) The enthusiasm of our anglers was tested with only one unsuccessful strike in the AM period. However, after lunch, things started to turn around when trolling three live baits I happened to look over the side of the tower and informed Capt. Jim that there was a Striped Marlin licking his lips at the sight of the Milk Fish dangling off the rigger on the end of the teaser. A nice hand cast by Luke put the live-y on its nose and John was on for what turned out to be a very entertaining fish for the entire fleet. Leading us on a merry chase, zig-zagging through thirty odd trailer boats with Capt. Jim hot on the hammer on its tail, the fish was successfully tagged and released to cheers all round. I spy a Slimey……. Second up we had a Black Marlin this time hook up nice and solid on the teaser again and, while Angler Bryan was belting up, we noticed another Striped Marlin chewing on the other teaser at the side of the boat. This fight resulted in a very quick tag and release but not before there were some spectacular jumps at the back of Reel Chase. After a giving in to the cold weather and making a turn for home, we had a big fish bite on the skip bait from a very hungry Striped Marlin which was very quickly dispatched by our talented angler. One of the day’s highlights was guest Angler Alex managing to tag two of our fish on his 14th birthday. Hopefully the start of many more to come! John’s Stripey jumps away from Reel Chase through the fleet and Brian’s Black at the back of the boat. Reel Chase is in Port today for revitalizing and will be back to it tomorrow!Top dog for Sunday was without a doubt Ross Hunter on Broadbill with an unconfirmed 5 tags. Private boat Frosty also had a big day with a couple of potential records for their Junior Female Angler but although it alluded her this time, she did manage at least one tag. Broadbill and Frosty both fighting fish…

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