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Cold Water Tuesday


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It was a great start to the day and great end to the day as well. But not a whole lot of anything in between…….(except of course good weather, a suntan and great company)…..The first fish was for Jon, a small Black that kicked things off for the day. Unfortunately, that was all the action we were to see for a while. Capt. Jim took off again in search of both bait and warmer water without any success, however, after sitting patiently by the chair all afternoon, Jamie was rewarded when we marked a nice Stripey at 20 metres literally one minute before knock-off time. Fortunately it bit, and after a very active fight, a tag and a nice photo by the side of Reel Chase, the Stripey was sent on its way. Jon’s Black Marlin and Jamie and his lucky Stripey alongside Reel Chase.

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