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Almost Ground Hog Day


This post was imported into WordPress from my old Black Marlin Fishing Blog website without any accompanying photos. If you’d like to see the original post, with the accompanying photographs, go to the original Black Marlin Fishing Blog site and navigate to the post using the archive navigation links on the right-hand-side.

With a nice sized Striped Marlin tagged and released for Claire first thing in the morning we thought we may be in for a more action-packed day. When all that we saw in the following hours was another Striped Marlin – who was enamored by our teasers, darting from one to the other and back again to make sure it was still there following us for a good five minutes, not in the least bit hungry or interested in any of the lovely bait options that were pitched his way – we could only hope for a repeat of the late strike. At 2 minutes to go, that too seemed like it might be on the cards when Capt. Jim marked another under the boat. But alas it didn’t bite – leaving us with just the one for the day.It was Claire’s first marlin and both put up a worthy fight with Claire wrestling to get the fish to just outside tagging range when it would catch sight of the boat and power off again dodging back and forth. After many repeats of the same scenario the tag was finally in and Claire was able to get a good look at her fish before he swam away.Outside Edge caught two but few reports of others were heard on what seemed to be a much quieter day all round. One consolation – the weather was picture perfect.

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