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NSW Interclub Day 2


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End of Day 1 standings saw Lake Macquarie GFC in the lead (tag and release) with 80,000 points and Viking II as lead boat after with 4 marlin tagged. Reel Chase and Iona followed with 3 tags. Overall, not a great number of marlin recorded on Day 1. On Day 2, that was about to change. Storming into the lead, Iona tagged another 3 marlin making a total of 6 marlin tagged thus far in the tournament. Hot on their heels was Born Free, tag free on Day 1, they made up their ground with a great day of fishing tagging 6 marlin. The team on board Reel Chase spent a rather frustrating day watching boats all round them hooking up, finally managing our 1 tagged Black Marlin for the day just after 3pm. Viking II will be following closely with another marlin tagged making their tally at total of 5. In the capture department, we don’t have any results however the entourage at the weigh station were all blown away by the 529kg Tiger Shark caught on trailer boat Tycoon.Also having a good day was Darren and the boys on Di Da Ke tagging 4 Marlin and lost another inches from the tag pole. Although the fishing slowed up North of Seal Rocks in close for the little blacks slowed for all but Tim on Born Free, the fleet out wide had a better day with a number of Wahoo and YellowFin Tuna adding to the mix. Capt. Jim talks to Channel 9’s Paul Burt at the weigh station after Day 1. Day 2, Mark fights a pelagic in his Pelagic Gear .

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