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NSW Interclub – Ladies Day


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Although we weren’t fishing the Interclub Ladies Day, there were over 40 boats who were and the ladies certainly got into the spirit of things. While the weather started dismal and cloudy, by lunch-time it had turned on another glamour day and the ladies were in their element. The ladies on the brand new Hatterascal were among the teams tagging two for the day which also included Di Da Ke. It will be interesting to hear the results on Sunday at the main presentation event. The spirits kept rising after return to port as the champagne continued to flow. It was disco on the dock at d’Albora Marina into the wee hours.Victorian trailerboat skips Sam and Richie again managed another two Striped Marlin each with a late bite on the grounds. The team on Reel Chase sent down the deep live-y only to hook up on an approximately 500lb Box Head (Tiger Shark) for over an hour before the beast cut through the mono leader. That unfortunately was it for our day. We stopped by the fads on the way home looking for a Dolphin Fish shaped field goal but no luck there either. Many of the other boats also experienced a quiet day – heres hoping the fishing picks up again for the resumption of the tournament this weekend. Photo – Tomaree Heads. Daily view in and out of Port Stephens.

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