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Storm ready


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On another day when the weather tends to deceive, we had a beautiful windless day in Port, the sun was shining and it was hot! Conversely, the boys on water Reel Chase who headed north again to Seal Rocks (where we had been fishing over the weekend) found it cloudy and uncomfortable. The water was still brown and cold and the number of small Blacks who had been in the area were obviously not still around. Lucky for the team, in the vain search for warm blue water, they managed to tag a small black on the long trip home.

Boats fishing the shelf including Hatterascal had a much better day with three Stripeys tagged for the American guests from the Hatteras factory. Perry tells us there is a patch of nice water moving up from the south-east and the fishing on the shelf seems to be on the up again. Also in close, a patch of blue, 22 degree plus water from Broughton Island to Fingal Light produced a number of Black Marlin ranging from small 20kg fish to one nice sub-100kg fish. Trailer boat Warlock saw a number of fish in the same area tagging one after a busy day and Murrifin also tagged a Black.

However, most boats saw the big storm coming that had formed over land after the warm day, and made the wise decision to return home early. A spectacular lightening and thunder show with buckets of rain left us cowering indoors just after we had finished chamoi-ing the boat!

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