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Little Blacks in close, Blues out wide


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While the action in the car park has definitely slowed, it appears its beginning to hot up inshore with the little Blacks and offshore with the big Blues. On Wednesday we travelled from Broughton Island to Seal Rocks in close and then turned out wide for no Marlin but a school of Dolphin Fish on the fish traps kept our anglers Neil and Brendan busy. However as we ran in, we marked a few Marlin on bait schools closed to Little Island that looked promising.So on Thursday we started fishing 200 metres east of Little Island and caught our first Black Marlin for Angler Rick while still setting the baits. The second one soon followed for Angler Mark and that was our day. Great reports from Grant on board Kiaua tagging 4 from 6 in the area between Little Island and Broughton Island and Johnny Denver on the Freedom tagging three north of Broughton Island including one of 100kgs on 15. Rick’s Black jumps away from the boat while Mark’s tries to join us on board. Reports from Bob Jones on Fascination fishing wide at Almark Mt. in 500 fathoms plus recorded a large number of Blues and Spearfish tagging one of each on Wednesday and getting another four bites from Blues on Thursday with a couple of fish in excess of 500lb with a couple lost due to light tackle limitations. One of the Dolphin Fish and Neil’s on fire.

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