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Blues Ready


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Final day of our Port Stephens season started with catching bait at Little Island giving us a chance to bid final greetings to the rest of the regular fleet and fellow bait-fishers including the boys on board Freedom, Billfisher, Broadbill and Calypso. After bringing a nice haul of slimeys on board we set out for the grounds..a whopping 200 metres away!! Unfortunately the promise of the preceeding few days did not eventuate and by late morning we had set off to wander in the direction of Broughton Island where the teaser once again caught the attention of a beautiful fully lit-up Striped Marlin. The standard deployment of a live bait assured Angler Russell of an instant hookup. After a lengthy fight (and even calling in back up angling reinforcements) the fish was tagged. Unfortunately that was it for our final day. Back home on the Gold Coast we are gearing up for some Blue Marlin action after a busy weekend by all reports out wide. Fishing inshore for little Blacks on Kekoa on Saturday, Capt. Luke was listening to radio reports of an array of hook-ups and tags, wishing he was there. This weekend he will be as Kekoa joins the fleet off Cape Moreton. Stay tuned!!

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