Bait Fishing North

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Some of the by-catch of our bait fishing trip to Cairns. A 60-kg Black Marlin on the Alvey winch and one of the many gut-wrenching GT’s. As we make our way baitfishing North to Cairns, the newly launched O’Brien Castille and its predecessor Kekoa have taken the Bluewater Team to Osprey Reef, 80 miles East of Lizard Island. Sketchy reports of the trip so far are of Sailfish in good numbers. And while the weather has been glamourous for our trip, it seems they have been struggling with it a bit more further North. Wednesday sees our arrival in Cairns and another couple days preparation before our Heavy Tackle Season begins Saturday. Most of the fleet are likewise starting in Cairns over the next few weeks and so it will be good to catch up with all. Some will of course be arriving via the Port Hinchenbrook tournament starting Thursday. Good luck to those competing there.One a side note, so far the internet has proved a major disappointment thanks to the ‘all mighty’ Next G. We’re hoping that things are dramatically better North of Cairns. And Happy Birthday to Capt. Jim!

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