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Northern Reports


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A quick update via Kekoa and Castille on their way back in from Osprey Reef – a great time had by all. Packs of 20 sails – all good size ranging up to 40kg – in numbers on Day 1 entertained with both boat releasing two each before they dispersed. Wahoo galore ranging in the 50-70lb range – could have filled the boats with them many times over. And Doggies harder to find but once you found them, coming up 2 or 3 at a time on the teaser, ranging between 40 and 150lb.

Other reports from the edge, a few boats have headed North and are averaging a bite a day at this early stage. Biggles on Allure had a bite out of one yesterday and Hayden on the newly re-named Release (Don’t Ask Me) reportedly got a big one this week too. The positive news is that they say the water temperatures are a degree warmer than the same time last year and so the big girls may not be very far away at all.

We’re out from Cairns tomorrow.

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