Weekend off Cairns

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Even though the marlin fishing has been slow the bite has actually been pretty good with lots of good fish feeding on massive bait schools along the edge. Saturday’s trip to Jenny Louise Shoal yielded a 60-lb Mackerel that we released, a large Dog Tooth Tuna and a tail chomping Wahoo as well as a pair of delicious Yellowfin. To get everyone all fired up for the marlin season, we’re pleased to report Capt. Jim saw a 500-lb Black Marlin cruising by the boat – but that’s all it did, and kept on cruisin’ ;-)Yesterday’s trip to Spur Reef and Linden Bank again produced a number of Yellowfin, alas no Marlin. Capt. Luke on Kekoa at the Marks on Number 10, had a bite from a small fish on a shortened day of first day of fishing.Sketchy reports from the Hinchinbrook Tournament indicate the private boat Wombino, run by the Collins Brothers from Mission Beach took out Champion Boat with three Billfish Tagged. These boys have been fishing the Dunk Island area for 25 years proving local knowledge reigns supreme!

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