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Starting a Week at Lizard


Despite extremely slow Marlin fishing, some of our highlights have been this mother of a Black Marlin and a successful tag on a much smaller fish yesterday. And of course good company, cold beers and lots of wind! Yesterday’s fish was an ambitious 200lb-er who managed to eat a big scaley hooking up straight away on the strike for Angler Steven.

Fishing out of the Lodge at Lizard Island this week, we didn’t stray too far in the weather, spending most of the day at Hicks Reef and will be back there again today.

Reports are still slow on the fishing front. Kekoa nabbed another small fish at Number 5 on Saturday but was less successful yesterday at Number 10. In our vicinity, the Island Boat Fascination had just the one bite yesterday. But, as the photo at top shows, there have been reports again of BIG(!!) fish around which gives us hope!

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