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Big Girls in Townsville


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Big news of a BIG fish caught off Townsville yesterday. Local club President Tom Hattrick fishing with club stalwart Mick Miers at Myrmidon Reef off Townsville caught this big girl yesterday. As of late last night they were still trying to find scales to get an accurate weight but indications are – over a thousand pounds. The fish died after a mammoth 4 hour struggle and was taken into Magnetic Island to be weighed. Mick released a 500-lb fish the day before along with another two solid hook-ups.If only the fishing up here was half as good!Most of the fleet spread from Jenny Louise South of Cairns to Number 10 Ribbon off Lizard Island are reporting very little action. On Reel Chase we at least managed to reverse our negative bait trends by catching a bunch of Spanish and Shark Mackerel for our Adelaide Anglers. Kekoa has had the pick of the draw with two fish this week. Fascination II released the solitary fish yesterday at the Agincourt Reefs. Word is though that there have been more BIG fish sited. So we’ll keep searching!

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