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End of the month


Back in the action, traveling North, down-sea with the weather, we found a nice 300lb-er tailing on Number 2 Ribbon and baited him resulting in a successful tag for angler Graham from Adelaide. As this was his first Marlin, a tough day fishing in atrocious conditions was made worth while. Mistress, following us down-sea for our troll along the Ribbon Reefs, also reported a similar size fish.At our overnight anchorage at Number 5 we found all the boats fishing North of us except for Fascination working out of Lizard Island which indicates it is still very slow at the top. However of this group, both Viking II and Ultimate Lady have both reported fish at Number 5 in the past two days with two for Viking and reported an 800lb-er tagged on Ultimate Lady on Saturday afternoon on Number 5. In deteriorating weather conditions today we are limiting our activities to bait fishing and an early return to Cooktown for overnight changeover.Update: Tom’s fish in Townsville weighed in at 1109lbs. Congrats for the first Grander for the Townsville Club in a number of years!

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