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It pays to stay out late


If we’d left 5 minutes earlier, we would have missed this beauty!

Capt. Jim said we were going to be the last boat behind the reef and we were. Seconds away from winding in the lines just after 6 o’clock, a hole appeared where the Scaley was. A great active fight on the surface and 5 minutes later, Chris’s biggest Marlin to date was tagged – a nice 800lb-er which gave us plenty of photo opportunities on dusk.

The day started flat calm with a beautiful snorkel on the edge and then a lot of trolling an waiting. Fishing on Monday had a 30 minute flurry of big fish – which unfortunately we missed – and for Viking II, Ningaloo, Kekoa and Iceman resulted in big fish released. Meanwhile Tradition fought a four hour tussle only to break the leader in the dark.

As a result, the boats on Ribbon Number 3 & 4 on Tuesday were out in force trying to get a bit of the big girl action for themselves. The monotony was broken at 3 o’clock when a 200lb-er grabbed the Scad as we followed up a school of Skipjack and a quick tag and release put angler Chris on the board. Unfortunately for most the fleet, the previous day’s action was not to be repeated although a couple of big fish were hooked (but not landed) except for Ultimate Lady who entertained us all with a big of hot action in the afternoon.As the countdown to the Lizard Island Tournament begins (Sunday) we hope that the big fish continue to arrive.

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