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Low Ribbons


Steve’s fish tries to skewer the tagpole (above) and Kekoa (below) backing down in the rough. Back at Number 5 Ribbon again overnight after fishing from Ribbon 2 to 5 yesterday and the flotilla is slowly growing. Parked nearby we have Mistress, Raptor, Tradition, The Ultimate, Allure, Kekoa and Reel Chase as well as two private boats including the 24ft Bonehead who ventured out with the bigger boats in the wild conditions yesterday.

We caught our one and only for Angler Steve at the top of Number 2 – a frisky 200lb-er that almost joined us in the cockpit at one stage. Nearby we watched Kekoa release their regulation big fish (850lb-er). Most other boats also netting a fish for the day as well.The weather has cleared a little this morning and we are going to take the opportunity to head back up the Ribbons searching for our big one.

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