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Day 1 Lizard Island Tournament 2007


The internet is playing up again hence weekend radio silence..

It was an interesting night at the briefing on Saturday where the 42 boats registered for the tournament enjoyed the seafood buffet (and thanks to the boys on the brand new Maratimo 55, we did too!) While the weather had held in for a glamour trip to the rock on Saturday, Sunday was a different story. It was as rough as any day we’ve had this year. From the shotgun, we headed south down to the inside 9 and started fishing at Number 8 where we soon took a green wave over the front woke us up and then some!

As for the fishing, I counted 8 fish on Day 1 for Calypso (with the first fish for the tournament), Billfish, Longshot, Fascination II, Maratimo, Think Big and ourselves with the boats spread from Hicks Reef all the way down to Number 3. After a slow start and some clear-screen repairs on the bridge our first fish was a 200lb-er for Robert who had eyes much bigger than his stomach jumping on the 20lb scaley mackerel. The second, even smaller fish, was hooked and tagged for Brian within a minute giving us the lead on Day 1 as the only boat with two fish. We had a chance not long after for a third but unfortunately, the bait was again too big or the fish too small!For boats not fishing the tournament the action was pretty intense with the big fish hiding out in the lower Ribbons and further south. Iceman had 5 fish on during the day and Kekoa finished the day with two including another 900lb fish. Brilliant Company also got at least another big girl too. Hopefully if the tournament fleet is able to get further south today we’ll be in amongst the big fish action too!

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