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Lizard Island Tournament Day 2


Sorry, internet related delays again!

Kanahoee made up for their late start to the season with an outstanding day at Number 10 Ribbon. 5 tags to take them right to the front. Elsewhere the action was sporadic with some boats having a good day and others not seeing any on the same reefs. We hooked up early for Brian on an estimated 600lb-er only to have her spit the bait out at the back of the boat with the leader out of the water. The North and South boats, the 28 Bertram Hellraiser at Day Reef and Shaka at Pearl boat successfully released 900lb-ers and Fascination II in the middle at Number 6 released one at 650lbs. Results for Day 2: Kanahoee with 5 tags, Jag with 3, Little Audrey, Iona and Fascination II with 2 tags and boats with 1 including Tradition who started off the day, Shaka, Joe-Joe, Hard to Swallow, Hellraiser, Calypso (at 3:09pm!), Game Over and Moana.

This should bring standings to Kanahoee in the lead with 5 followed by Jag, and Fascination with 3 each. My disclaimer today being that the radio skeds were, as usual, so ‘interesting’ that it was actually hard to follow at times – and so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies. An example: Moana III: I have a relay for Broadbill who are fishing on Number 3 Ribbon with 5 POB.Tournament Base: Roger, I have you tagged. I didn’t even know you were hooked up! For boats not fishing the tournament, Kekoa has renowned light tackle angler Gary Carter on board this week doing the hard yards in this weather. Nearby us at Number 3 Ningaloo fought another big fish on the late bite and Broadbill who are making their way into Cairns with a generator problem also hooked up after cease fishing.

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