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Lizard Island Tournament Day 4


As the boats begin to congregate at the top of the Ribbons for the run into the Rock tonight for the fuel barge, the most consistent fishing is shaping up on Number 10. This is where we’ll be fishing today before the run in – after a few fish-less days, we’ll also be looking for a change in luck!

On Day 4, I recorded 26 tags for the fleet which I think is pretty accurate (but I’ll update if I learn any different – my apologies in that case!) Mauna Kea definitely was on a hot trot hooking up in the region of 8 times including a double header to record two tags for the day and in addition disqualifying an extra fish. Tradition may have finished top for the day also with two tags on countback from Calypso, Jo-Jo, Moana and Kanahoee as well. With one fish for the day were Little Audrey, Nuvatu, Ar-Dee, Ultimate Lady, Mistress, Jag, Iona, Castille, Outside Edge, Billfish, Game Over and Fascintation II. Think Big also tagged one estimated at 800lbs in an exciting fight that saw the fish swim through the opening in the reef and tag it on the inside!On my calculations this should bring the leader-board to Kanahoee in the lead with 7 tags, Fascination II from Calypso on countback with 5 tags and at least, Viking, Mauna Kea, Iona and Tradition on 4 tags.

Back down South on board Kekoa: Another potential World Record was hooked at 11:30 at the front of Pearl Reef. After eating the teaser bait and the team successfully switched the Big Girl, estimated at 900lbs, onto a deadbait but she dropped it straight away. A bit wary, she stayed behind the boat following but seemingly disinterested until a quick rig up and pitch of a live Rainbow Runner got her interested again and Gary was on – 16lb on a 900lb-er. After that it was all backing out to sea and they ended up about 20 miles out from Number 3. The team got pretty close at one stage just outside leader range but unfortunately broke it off right on dark – fatigue on the line after a massive 7 hours fight! Way to go!

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