Lizard Island Tournament Day 5

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A quieter day fishing yesterday – I recorded just the 19 fish for the day – and with the weather coming through again in the afternoon, it’s gone from 20 knots to a howling 30 knots this morning. We’re not feeling terribly keen to get out there today and can certainly commiserate with a member of the fleet who we saw departing the Rock this morning in the wee hours in search of their tender which had managed to outsmart two ropes overnight.

I have Maratimo on top with 3 tags for Day 5. Followed by Mistress and Tradition with another 2. My effort for the entire fleet standings is as follows (I will correct it as I get more information – I am sure there will be some corrections especially from boats fishing North above Number 10 and apologize in advance):-

7 Tags: Kanahoee, 6 Tags: Tradition, Calypso, 5 Tags: Fascination, Maratimo, Joe-Joe, 4 Tags: Viking II, Iona, Jag, Little Augdrey, Moana, The Ultimate, Mistress, 3 Tags: Billfish, Hellraiser, Game Over, Mauna Kea, 2 Tags: Reel Chase, Think Big, Shaka, Nuvatu, Outside Edge, 1 Tag: Ar-Dee, Longshot, Hard to Swallow, Kohara, Castille, Ultimate Lady, Reel Ripe, My Mistress, Lucy West, and Maitai. Genie disqualified their fish yesterday.

I have no photos after a few very quiet days for us. We sighted just the single fish yesterday who followed our Scad for a good while before swimming off. As usual fishing Number 10 we did experience some pretty spectacular chop-offs though.

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