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Lizard Island Tournament Day 6


The action hots up at the top of the leader-board!

Not content to give up on a possible third win at Lizard Island in a row, Sharky has been steadily clawing his way through the field to finish just one fish off the pace at the end of fishing yesterday. In the progress he’s proved that while Tenancious may very well be a good fish raising boat, this time at the helm of Maratimo 55, he fishes well in this tournament full stop!

Fishing at Hicks for most of the day yesterday, I did not hear a single sked and so I have to thank Deano etc for relays for these updated standings. I believe champion boat for the day would be either Maratimo or Mauna Kea with 3 fish each – on count-back I suspect it would be given to Maratimo. Calypso has also been sneaking up the ladder with steady results daily. Another two yesterday put them right up there as well – but Kanahoee is not giving up easily with two as well.

Other boats with fish for the day included: Tradition, Ultimate Lady (two early), Castille, Maiti (two I believe), Moana, Joker, Joe-Joe (tender’s back), Little Audrey, Reel Ripe, Iona, Viking II (two on the last sked), Lucy West, Kohara and Jag.

On the way in tournament base was kind enough to give us the provisional standings at the top of the leader-board which were: Kanahoee on 9, Maratimo, Tradition and Calypso on 8. There are a few on 7 as well so no doubt it’s going to come down to the wire!

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