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Notice how this little guy’s fin is actually inside the boat in the RHS picture! A very excitable fish for Dave around lunchtime gave us some good entertainment. After a hit and virtual miss on the livebait he went racing off with the line only snagged over his bill and the tuna dragging behind before a few of his more entertaining jumps freed the tuna but brought the hook up to better position. Keeping light on the drag, Dave and Capt. Jim kept on him as we followed him around at full speed backwards before getting the tag in and letting him go only to have him try and climb aboard! That was to be all our excitement for the day. In the middle Ribbons, the fishing was once again pretty quiet for the fleet gathered around Number 5. In ‘Ya Dreams went on a big overnight trip wide to 20 mile East of Lena and found three bigs ones for their efforts including an 800lb-er before breakfast!Promising news: The longliners report seeing a lot of Marlin along with Pilot Whales in a line from the SeaMount to MacDermott Banks. Hopefully the Southeast blow due tomorrow night will push these fish to the Ribbon Reefs where we are all eagerly waiting!

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