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Good fish for the few


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As we get away from the full moon a few more fish are showing up. Brilliant Company scored another big fish on Number 4. Sea Baby and Kekoa both caught good fish on the top of Number 5 while Tradition caught one about 650 at Number 8. Boats on the bank all reported a couple of strikes and most caught at least one fish. Boats further North on 9 and 10 report very little. Photo: Kekoa’s fish jumping in front of the setting sun with Brendan in the chair and Adam on wire.The big story still appears to be large concentration of Black Marlin Southeast of the Sea Mount including a large school of Pilot Whales. Hopefully someone like the Ultimate Lady will be checking out this concentration of fish shortly. Meanwhile on Reel Chase trolling out wide we found this log with David and Simon both releasing Dolphin Fish in the 30lb range and the trout spearing continues to be above average providing plenty of delicious meals for all on board.

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