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Reporting from Number 10


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Top: A beauty we jumped off earlier in the day as well as Mike’s 600lb-er.Bottom: Shaka running in behind the reef and Mike on the late bite. On Reel Chase we worked our way down Number 10 after a morning swim on the Cod Hole. Capt. Jim was marking good fish and as we watched the Island boat catch one nearby we had a bite out of an absolute beauty…..but unfortunately the hook didn’t stick. And, it wasn’t until the very end of the day and a few bites later that it did and Mike released a nice 600lb-er just after sunset. Nearby Kekoa also took advantage of the late bite releasing a smaller fish before ducking in behind Number 10 before dark. Other boats also having a good day on Number 10 included Iona with 3 from 5 bites including one 750lb, Reel Ripe releasing two in the 6-700lb range and Shaka releasing another good fish as well. Maratimo continued their dream run with seemingly one bite after another. Ultimate Lady fishing on the Sea Mount scored 3 from 5 bites on Saturday but had a much quieter Sunday. Moana also had a quieter day yesterday after their double header the day before and has set off to go out wide in search again.It is another glamour weather day on the GBR – hopefully we’ll be able to take advantage of the weather to get some more fishing action cshots.

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