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Shut Down


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The promising bite on Number 10 Ribbon shut down yesterday and many boats were once again left scratching heads. The conditions were ideal, a beautiful day to be on the water but the fish weren’t cooperating. Boats that caught fish all reported small to teeny although still marking larger fish on the sounder. We had an entertaining day with sights of a small Sailfish Tailing being shooed by a larger territorial Black Marlin, another Marlin tailing without a care in the world or an interest in our baits and a school of Queenfish getting good air as they were chased across the Mudhole.Kekoa had a bite out of larger fish at Heartbreak but she got wrapped in the leader and did not hook up but they did release a smaller fish with some spectacular underwater footage of the feisty little guy’s snatch and gobble. On Reel Chase we managed another reasonably late bite for Mike and hooked up on a 200lb-er with attitude – the fish took off over the horizon and left Mike with some serious winding to catch up. The lazy Sailfish tailing downsea, Mike’s 200lb sprinter Black Marlin and Moana III first weighed grander. The decision to go out wide proved a good one for Moana trolling lures 30 miles East of the Bank hooked up on a beauty. Unfortunately after a 2 1/2 hour fight she came up dead and so Daniel has weighed his first Grander on the new boat for reader Joe’s mate Laurie at 1140-lbs. Congrats guys on a great fish!

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