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After a perfect weather run out East, we had a shot right after we put the baits in the water, tagging a 400lb-er on the Scaley. Soon after we had another couple of bites on the Sea Mount to keep us busy including a 300lb-er tagged and jumping another off. Overnight we anchored on the underwater mountain in 40 metres of water and had a bit of a rocky night but a quick swim with a Whale Shark in the morning rejuvenated us before we set off again.This time fishing in towards Jenny Louise Shoal, we again had the hot bite just after the baits went back in the water but she didn’t hook right and it was a sad sight to see the big girl (900lb+) spit the bait 20 foot in the air after a series of jumps. But a short while later Capt. Jim marked another and on the turn he came up behind the Scad and set in for a prolonged fight for this stubborn 400lb-er, hooked right in the corner of the jaw he lay on his side under the boat and gave Angler Mike a thorough workout – tagged and released just before we finished for the day. Our Sea Mount fish as well as some of the other gamefish spoils from our sojourn. Reports from the top indicate the bite up there is holding up as well. On Wild Turkey Capt. Ben broke off another big fish before releasing a 900lb-er at Number 10 and Tradition going 2 from 4 as well. Middle Ribbon’s a bit quieter with boats fishing up that way now making their way to the bank. On Lana Kai II fishing on the bank yesterday they recorded raising 3 fish, hooking two unfortunately one was sharked and releasing a smaller fish. Also down this way Moana released one shortly after our arrival and Snap Dragon continued a good run releasing two Wednesday and two yesterday as well including one estimated 1200lb. Out wide Capt. Luke on Kekoa released 3 smaller blacks ending at Noggin Reef last night.Joe is back from his super successful trip on Moana last week and has sent me some photos (below). Beside their 1140lb beauty they also had some fun with the Big Eye Tuna, jumping in the water with a 14 meter Whale Shark and teasing a pod of Pilot Whales up to the back of the boat!

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