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Linden Bank and Rough Weather


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While many boats have returned to Port to wait out the cyclone, some are still taking advantage of it’s indecision to get some fishing in. While the weather has been poor all week (and the rain strong over the last couple of days), the cyclonic winds have yet to arrive in force. Plus there are fish to catch.

Reaching the end of their cyclone trip, Kekoa has had a tough but good week entertaining the ladies on board while sister-ship Ningaloo fished the gentlemen. Friday saw the girls go 2 from 3 on smaller fish and the third being an 800lb-er which they ‘accidentally’ hooked while trying their hand at a spot of shark fishing! After some nice jumps at the back of the boat, a kink in the (shark) wire and she was gone. Meanwhile the boys released a 250lb-er.

Saturday saw a repeat of this effort with another 2 from 3 for the ladies a bigger 900lb fish getting away. Fishing nearby as part of the Marlin University trip, Release also found the fish for their students with 3 for the day including a double header of fish at 650 and 950lbs. Headmaster Peter Wright on board SeaBaby also finished the day with one. Meanwhile Kiwi boat Lanakai with Capt. Steve has been plugging away consistently with their second fish in two days.

Sunday, with an early cease fishing as they headed back in to Port, Kekoa released another on a truly very rainy day. The boys have a very well deserved day off in Port today, hopefully to be able to dry off, before they head back out tomorrow. Meanwhile the Reel Chase crew is likewise enjoying some well deserved rest until our next trip on Friday.

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