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Heading Back Up North


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I’m heading back up to Cairns tomorrow and back on board Reel Chase on Friday. After a week’s break, I’m ready to get back into it. Capt. Luke tells me the weather is yet to drop but by all forecasts that is happening tomorrow (touch wood) in the meantime he has been slogging it out on the Bank with a good number of other boats. Joining the team on board Kekoa are Andrew and Paul who I had the pleasure to join on board last year. Paul and Andrew are keeping things consistent – last year they experienced some of the worst weather of the season as well!! But there were fish, and they have started on the right note this trip with a 250lb-er for Paul on day 1. Other boats reporting a fish each on Tuesday were Allure, Mistress, Release and Ningaloo with a big sail.Wednesday, more bad weather – short choppy and lots of current – Capt. Luke saw two tailers and raised on that didn’t bite with just reports of a fish each on Calypso and Lanakai.Lest you think that I have been lazing around through the break – I have some still shots from the hours of video footage I have been diligently dubbing onto the computer. (I still have hours to go!) But some of the shots for you below. Mike, Brian, Joe, Dave, Stephen and Tony in that order. The girl invariably in the pictures with the camera around her neck will speak volumes to you as to why my still shots are better than the video footage – I’m always in the way!

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