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This fish shown in the two photos was released on Reel Chase on the 28th of October, 2005 at Number 6 Ribbon Reef by Townsville Angler Jan Parkes. It was a spectacular fight and she was perfectly hooked with the circle hook in the corner of the jaw. And, on the 31st of October this year, she swam back to the Ribbon Reefs and was hooked by anglers on In Ya Dreams with Capt. Brian Felton. Unfortunately, this time she didn’t survive the fight and died on the line and was weighed at Number 5 Ribbon on the Ultimate Lady at 782lbs.This fish is one of very few that have been re-captured in the heavy tackle fishery. Due to the fact that a lot of boats don’t bother tagging any more and also because the tags are very hard to spot and recover. NSW Fisheries who administer the tagging program in Australia are very excited about this re-capture because to some extent it bucks the trend of this size fish putting on enormous weights in a short space of time. As you can see from the photos, we quite correctly called the fish 750lb. For the fish to only gain approximately 50lb in two years is in quite contrast to one of our fish tagged at Day Reef in 1988 which we also called 750lb and was recaptured by Capt. Greg Edwards 366 days later also at Day Reef and weighed in at 992lb. The consistency in both these catches is the strong indication of returning to exactly the same area 12 months apart.With the weather dropping out over most Queensland waters in the last 24 hours, the fish have come back on the bite with a number of larger fish seen at Linden Bank yesterday (where we are heading today). Reports are of a large fish boated by Shaka last night, more information to come today. Iona also reported a big one. Kekoa released a 400lb-er and lost another estimated at 600lbs.

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