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End of a season


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After a quiet week on board for mates from Dubai, things turned around on the final day with fish in quick succession for Neil and Murray at Linden Bank. Some spectacular jumps gave us all a close up display and some photos for the boys of their big fish to take home. Neil’s fish greyhounding away and Murray’s jumps vertically in the flat calm. Today starts Reel Chase team’s last trip out of Cairns for the season and as we are heading straight out wide, reporting may be sporadic. We are finishing the trip in 7 days in Townsville.Kekoa fished their final day in Cairns waters yesterday at Jenny Louise and ended their season on a high with a two big fish haul – a 700lb-er after lunch and a 1000lb-er just before cease fishing for the day. Congrats to Scotty and the boys who are now heading straight to Myrmidon Reef off Townsville that has seen some action over the past few days as well. Darren tags Murray’s fish on Reel Chase, and a video still of Kekoa’s end of season grander! Most boats have now headed home after the 2007 season with the Cairns fleet of course remaining. Today is the Ladies Ribbons Light Tackle tournament so likely there will be a few boats heading out today. Good luck to all fishing in the comp! Lastly from Shaka who also ended their season yesterday: Some photos from Shaka: Their 1120lb-er caught last week on Linden Bank and on oneof those beautiful glass calm post-cyclone days last week, Reel Chase on the chase!

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