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Redeeming before the tourn


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Back at the same spot, fortune smiled on the team on Kekoa today returning with 7 tags. Unlike the day before the bite increased as the day went on accounting for four of the seven total in the last couple of hours and the boys reluctantly left the fish biting to return to Port. The team also marked and raised quite a number of fish that didn’t bite. The full moon may have something to do with their behaviour. By all accounts, they should start to bite better as we get away from the moon. The day started with a nice Bull Dolphin fish that weighed 21kg and tasted yummy tonight for dinner :-) The final tally comprising of 4 Blacks to 100kg and 3 Stripeys. Down at the ‘old’ Car Park, boats reported catching a few fish but not in the same numbers, while the bait was good everywhere. Capt. Bob on Fascination III kept to his spot and scored another three on the downrigger. Capt. Scotty on the Freedom also came home with three tags (two Stripys and a Black) and Tsunami on a shortened day with 1 from 3. With preparation for the tournament in full swing tomorrow not sure who will be fishing but hopefully they will be on the bite again.

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