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NSW Interclub


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Day 1 cancelled due to the strong wind warning. A few boats still ventured out with just a few fish caught between them.Day 2 glamourous weather for the run out, although the wind again picked up in the morning. Without sitting right by the radio all day it was hard to stay on top of the standings, but some of the highlights….Ningaloo started off firing on the first sked and ending with three for the day (unfortunately having to disqualify one of these fish). Bobby Jones on Fascination IV stuck to his secret spot for a consistent three fish early. The newest Assegai Gorilla fished their maiden Interclub with gusto finishing the day with 4 tags. The Griffiths boys on Champagne managed three on skip baits. Calypso with Little Rossi (ex-Sea Baby) at the helm was on the right school tagging three from 12 they raised throughout the day.The biggest Tiger caught was approximately 400+kgs but that pales into insignificance compared to the reported 700+kg Great White released by another boat. On Reel Chase, Tom’s 90kg Stripey came zooming down the waves like an arrow aimed at our transom only to zoom away at the last minute to almost empty the spool on 80lb, surfing down-sea. On Kekoa, the team were hooked up on an odd combination of a marlin and a Hammerhead shark but without much maneuverability in the conditions with boats in very close quarters elected after a short fight to cut off the shark and chase and tag the marlin.Overall there were a large number of Marlin caught by the fleet of 206 boats with most of the boats fishing in the new ‘car park’ on the Northern grounds although the better fishing seemed to be on Southern car park South of 33 degrees latitude. Unfortunately for the small boats that endured the large swelly conditions there still seems to be no sign of small Blacks on the inshore grounds.

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