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May Update


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A tad delayed… but some shots from the AIBT. POB on a deep dark mystery and Leigh and team with our only point scoring fish. On the whole, fishing was slow. I believe from 29 boats, there were just the 5 Billfish released over the two days. Champion Team went to the guys on board Port Stephens boat Diversion. On board Reel Chase our team were the top point scorers from TGFC and we had a ball regardless of the fishing! This weekend sees the re-scheduled (due to bad weather) Gold Coast GFC Cabo Blue Marlin Classic. Looking forward to hearing how that goes. A few boats that I heard went out over the last weekend did get a few strikes so hopefully that will also be the case this weekend. The 17/18th weekend also sees the inaugural Stebercraft Blue Marlin Classic at Foster/Tuncurry. If you have any reports from either of these comps, don’t hesitate to send along .Capt. Luke and I are taking our annual vacation to the land of the rising sun as of tomorrow and so we will miss both. Don’t feel too sorry for us though, I have the feeling we’ll be getting our fishing fix and more over there! Capt. Luke gets a quick Barra fix last weekend in the Gulf.

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