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Light Tackle with Castille


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Castille III owners Mark and Stephanie Ripper joined Capt. Deano and the boat in Townsville last week to do some light-light tackle marlin fishing. Leaving Wednesday around 5 pm, team Castille ran down to Cape Bowling Green to anchor behind the spit for the night. Day 1, Thursday, heading out to the grounds, around 12 nautical miles from the anchorage, the wind was blowing a consistent 20 knots and the fishing started slow. Just 3 bites with Stef unfortunately losing a nice sailfish on 4 kg line after 30 minutes.Day 2, Friday, the wind was still up but the fishing was making up for it with 8 bites from marlin and Mark successfully releasing a black on 4 kg. The team also managed to raise a pack of 6 sailfish and switch baited to live yakkas to them. Unfortunately, the light tackle came into play and Stef broke hers off on 4 kg and shortly after, Mark did the same on 2kg.Day 3, Saturday, the wind died and the fish showed up in numbers tagging 4 marlin from 8 and pulling the hooks on 2 others close to the boat. Day 4, Sunday, was a short day with flights to catch, tagging 1 from 2 before returning to Port at lunch. Photo: One of Stef’s 4 marlin for the day 3.

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