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Feels Like September


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Today I joined the team on board Reel Chase for my first trip of the season. I was really looking forward to it, and the day did not disappoint.Right from the first half turn on the bait school we had fish up, and they were hungry little buggers – with attitude. Literally minutes after start fishing we’d released our first little marlin for the day. By eleven – after just two hours fishing, we’d released five. All fish were the standard 15kg juvie model but what they lacked in size, they made up in heart. One fish in particular thought it was a blue marlin as it began greyhounding towards the Gold Coast. We also raised a couple of sailfish that weren’t converted before there was lull in the action for lunch. And the boys had a chance to play catch up on the bait station It wasn’t until just after two when the switch was flicked for a second time and the appetites revved again. Ending the day with 8 little black marlin and happy team on board.As per normal this time of year, we sighted many hump back whales on the journeys out and home and most had calves which was great to see. Capt Jim also noticed an increase in the water temperature over the last few days and so we are looking forward to good fishing during the upcoming Townsville Billfish Challenge.

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