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Gearing Up


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September has arrived and the Cape Bowling Green season has switched into top gear and a number of boats have been fishing in the last couple of days in preparation for the Gilbert Group Billfish Challenge this weekend. Good numbers of marlin have already shown up this year as well as bait schools covering an area in excess of a couple of square miles. On board Reel Chase we returned to the grounds Monday, Tuesday and fished with 4 other boats, all reported good numbers of marlin although the tag to hook up ratio were down due to the finicky nature of the fish. We managed only two on Monday, although we had a large number of shots, but we redeemed ourselves yesterday with 5. Top dog was undoubtedly the private boat Game Time with a reported 10 tags on Monday. Other boats enjoying the good action were Castille , The Phantom and Sea Baby IV.If the predicted light winds eventuate this weekend, all the boats should look forward to another great tournament with smaller tides usually producing the best numbers of fish. Cairns has also been seeing some good action in the leadup to their rescheduled light tackle comp with good numbers of marlin appearing on the grounds east of Fitzroy Island. And early indications of strong current and warm water pushing in on the coast all the way to the south of Cape Bowling Green, are looking good for an above average marlin season.Photos: Mike’s 50th Marlin on Tuesday and with a propeller like that, there’s no wonder they power around so fast.

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