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2008 Gilbert Group Billfish Challenge is underway


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And off to a dramatic start!As many will have heard, while filming the boats lining up for the shot gun start, a Win TV Helicopter ditched into the calm water in front of the entry to the port. Many of the fleet, who were already set to gun start, instead gunned over to lend assistance. Thankfully all on board were quickly accounted for. Win TV have been long supporters of the tournament and the cameramen and crew are familiar faces and so we’re all just so happy that everyone is okay.And so, a more subdued shot gun start ensued after a delay and we headed across the relatively calm waters of Cleveland Bay. [I was on track for a pretty accurate account of today’s fishing until the final sked when I was fighting a fish myself and missed most of it and so my apologies in advance for any inaccuracies!]The good news is that Day 1 billfish tags for 2008 have already exceeded the total tally for 2007 with in excess of 30 tags. Game Time leads on countback from Reel Chase on 3 fish, followed by Rose Red, Oi Bud and Kanahoee each with 2 and a number of boats with one fish each including: Kekoa, Nail It, Burgundy Lady, Calypso (Mango), Castille III, Desperado, Little Utopia, Mauna Kea, Sea Baby IV, Sparticus, Elektrakushen, Flo-tation, Seaduca, Levende, Sweat N Tears, Mates Rates, Reef & Beef, Tanami, Moana and Far Cry. Anne’ first marlin of Day 1 and the boats running in to behind the Cape Bowling Green Spit for the night.

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