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Day Three – Townsville GG Billfish Challenge


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On Day 3, Kekoa and Game Time continued to go fish for fish with two each for the day bringing their totals to 11 so far in the tournament. Top dog for Day 3 was Sea Baby IV with 4 tags for the day, including the last released during the final sked, bringing them into third place with 8 tags. Reel Chase made some ground with three releases, bringing them on par with Rose Red and Sweat N Tears who were both fish-less on Day three – with all three boats sitting on 7 tags and Castille just behind with 6 tags.Boats on 5 tags include: Calypso (Mango) and Little Utopia. Boats on 4 tags include: G’d Up, Mauna Kea, Moana, Nail It, Reef & Beef.[Again, my results are based entirely on the information I have heard on the skeds and are in no way official results. No official update has been given.] Picture: Mat has been putting the new underwater camera system to the test on board Kekoa during the tournament – and the results are pretty spectacular. This is the still frame of a perfectly captured tag shot.

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