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Good Day at the Bank


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As John tells us, there may be some dodgy banks in the US and Europe, but here on the great Barrier Reef, one bank is really firing. Yesterday, again the “Linden Bank” produced the deposits that most gamefisherman expect after years of loyal service. And those on the good ship Shaka started their 2008 campaign where they left off in 2007 – ar$e deep in the big fish!After watching the action behind other boats on Tuesday, as we did, Shaka finished day two Wednesday with a 2-2-2 – including this one at 950lbs. She crashed and jumped all over the ocean during the 25 minute fight. And, with number one Charles ‘CP’ Perry still in transit, deckie Ant Griffiths did a great job steering the chair, tagging and wiring the fish on his lonesome. With only the three on board, John in the chair and Capt. Jared at the wheel, I’m assuming somewhere in the midst of all that he managed to take this shot as well. Great going guys! Here’s hoping there are plenty more where she came from.While Shaka stuck it out at the bank, with a solid 20 knots blowing for most of the day, many choose the down-sea troll to a much quieter day. With a shorter day for the team on board Reel Chase, after diving at the Argincourts in the AM, we started our down-sea troll at South Escape after lunch. We spotted a few fish early and jumped off a little 200lb-er, and that was our day. Ending at the top of Lena Reef. At Number 9, Capt. Luke on KEKOA, seeing just the one fish, caught it at an estimated 250lbs. And that’s all folks! And back to the Towcam pictures from Tuesday:That innocent looking little face belongs to a wahoo, not a tuna. This particular wahoo in fact. And the shot on the left is indeed the camera inside his mouth. We could see all the way to his tail on the inside! Fortunately, he soon spat it out (and we got the camera back undamaged) and then proceeded to eat the scad. And, after a short fight Mark had him on deck. Last night’s menu was crispy pan-fried wahoo on a bed of greens with Asian sauce. He was yummy!

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