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Look out Cooktown


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Here they come!With the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic briefing Saturday evening, Cooktown is already over run with boats on change over.Our trip north proved unsuccessful other than a bite from a small fish at Number 5. However upon reaching Number 8 Ribbon, we found a number of the fleeting hiding out including KEKOA, Allure, Castille III, Release and Tradition. Two quick bites in half an hour, one from a reasonable fish raised our hopes but not our average. KEKOA finished with two fish to 500lbs. Tradition with two to 350lb and Castille with one from a number of bites. Castille having just returned from a trip wide to Osprey Reef where they reported huge numbers of sailfish, dogtooth and wahoo eager to jump on anything.Down the other end, Mistress following the same path we did yesterday, managed a fish on Ruby and another on Number 1 Ribbon to 400lbs. And an update from Capt. Bill from Wednesday who went 4 from 4 on small males in the middle and tagging another Thursday as well.Photo from Castille’s Towcam of one of the many many sails.

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