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Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Day 5


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Yesterday we joined the pack of boats at one of Capt. Jim’s old hunting grounds at the top of Hicks Reef. Everything looked great with big yellowfin busting all over. Scad, rainbow runners and all the bities present. We did see two marlin, though obviously too full on the bait fish in the area, we couldn’t temp them into a bite. Capt. Jarad on Shaka fishing nearby, however, managed a late one for Kiwi angler Matt Wallis on the last day of his trip.All we got was Capt. Jim’s tales of tournaments gone – like in ’91 when he tagged 33 marlin in the week to take 2nd place to Bob Cornellin’s Ardasea II with Capt. Derek Crisp and the late Dennis Webb on the deck who won with 36. This week’s leader, remains Capt. Brian on board Heart Throb with 5 tags – followed by Reel Ripe and Kanahoee with 4 tags each.The results are the best we can provide as we are so far north we no longer can receive tournament base on the radio skeds and had to rely on relays for the info. And, if the wind keeps blowing like this, we’ll be going into Lockhart River instead of Cooktown!!

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