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Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Day 6


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Well the fish are finally starting to show up in numbers. They may not be in time to make much of a difference in the tournament, but it is looking promising. And there are some big fish amongst them. Outside the comp, Capt. Kim on Flying Fisher 1 on its maiden charter released an estimated grander plus at Linden Bank Thursday for angler Jill Gardis. In the middle The Allure released 4 including a big one, Ningaloo released two and Top Shot has been getting a couple too. On number 7, Shaka, returning south with John back in the chair, released this one (picture courtesy of CP).In the comp, Sharky is making his usual late charge that we’ve come to expect, with Mauna Kea releasing 3 from 4 on Day 6. This brings them into 2nd place with 5 fish on count back from Heart Throb who hold on to the lead despite not adding to their total since Thursday. Moana III have come back to the Ribbons after their big adventure out wide to finally kick off their tournament score card with their first, second and third fish all on Day 6. And fishing next to them on Number 10, Tradition released two for the day bringing their total for the tournament to 4 fish, all for lady angler Lydie.Up at Jewel, the littlest boat in the fleet, Hell Raiser, caught a big girl estimated at 850lb – the biggest fish for the day for their lady angler Sue – who lost an estimated 900lb-er in the tournament in 2007 after a 4 hour battle. In the same area, we thought we got lucky when a large black shape crashed the big bait, however the first jump instead showed a very nice sailfish on the end of our line which was tagged and released for angler Mick. In the same area, Hell Raiser also raised a sail which shows you never know what’s out there. Later in the day, a nice black marlin invaded the circle entanglers and that was our day other than some more good popper action for trout and GT’s in the virgin Jewel Reef country. Other fish on Day 6 belonged to Hard to Swallow, Iona 2, KEKOA and Little Audrey (whose 150lb jumped into the cockpit during the fight). Current leader-board standings are: Heart Throb with 5 from Mauna Kea also with 5 and Reel Ripe on 4.

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