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Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic – Final Results


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Champion Boat went to Kanahoee who snuck in with two fish on the final day to push them over the line in front of Hart Throb (I have now corrected my spelling..) who lead all week and took home two of the daily awards. Champion male angler went to Adam Furst on Iona with 5 tags. Champion female angler went to Lydie Fayard on Tradition also with 5 fish. Interestingly, if the prizes weren’t divided by the sexes, Lydie would have won Champion Angler overall on count back.Meanwhile in the middle, more big fish are being seen tailing down sea as well as behind the baits. Shaka released this one estimated at 800lbs. Capt. Laurie on Ningaloo released another 400lb-er and Capt. Ross on Top Shot has made the most of his latest trip finishing with 8 fish in 7 days, the biggest to 650lbs.

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